• I am extremely proud to be an ISC-Koura graduate. Now that I have transitioned to the college phase of my life, I fully realize the true value of all that my school did for me in terms of preparation for what lay ahead.

    When I was in school, my teachers helped me in so many different ways. Not only did they prepare me academically, but they also acted as my friends, counselors and confidantes, giving freely of their own time whenever it was required. Also, the quality of my education has become very evident here in college. I am finding my 3rd level math, chemistry and biology courses to be so easy because I have already covered most of the work in school. I really wish my former ISC-Koura teachers could teach me again in college!

    Another debt of gratitude that I owe to ISC-Koura is the way that it enabled me to learn languages so quickly. When I first came to ISC-Koura in Grade 6, I could not speak any English and had only basic Arabic, but I quickly gained quite a high level of proficiency in both.

    All in all, I am very proud of what I have achieved and am deeply grateful to ISC-Koura and everyone who works there for having helped me so much.
    Graduate ISC-Koura

  • I think the most significant skills I gained during my three years at Choueifat were planning and dealing with pressure. The frequent testing nurtured these two skills, which are critical skills that are required to succeed at university and in your future career. The SABIS® Educational System also fosters positive habits in your approach to answering questions that you will learn to appreciate during university. For example a simple thing such as putting the date on your work or including units; this might seem as a hassle while at school, but habits like this will make life so much easier at university. In a strictly academic perspective, the level of physics and mathematics I had learnt at SABIS® was far more advanced than that of my university peers.

    I would like to thank SABIS® for the strong academic base it provided, the habits it nurtured and the skills it developed. I will be using them for the long foreseeable future.
    Graduate ISC-Al Ain

  • There can be no doubt in the fact that the time spent in ISC-Lahore has made me into the person I am today. The 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. timings ensured that I was always learning, whether it was in class instructed by helpful teachers or in the allotted break-times where there was ample time to interact with fellow students, participate in various clubs, or simply sit in the well-maintained school library and read. I feel no reservations in stating that my SABIS®-grooming made the period of my legal study in the University of London International Programmes all-the-more easier, relative to the experience of my classmates. I found that ISC-Lahore – with the weekly exams, SABIS Academic Monitoring System® exams, term exams - had trained me to end every week with assessment-ready preparation.
    Graduate ISC-Lahore